There are many reasons why is Šibenik great idea in autumn time

  17.10.2023, 10:37h


Four guardians, impressive heritage, adrenaline adventures and magical nature await you this autumn in Šibenik

Although the climatological autumn has officially started, summer can still 'live' for a long time, especially when there are interesting events, adrenaline adventures and destinations worth exploring. Many will agree that autumn is the best time to enjoy and discover new things. The ideal start is choosing the perfect destination, and Šibenik will offer you a lot. Superb experiences, a famous gastronomic offer, a handful of islands and a rich cultural heritage are the winning cards of this small Mediterranean town. Without big summer crowds, with a breath of wind through the stone streets - the people of Šibenik will often tell you that the city is most beautiful in autumn.


The fortresses

The first thing the locals will recommend is a tour of Šibenik's fortresses. St. Michael's fortress is the most beautiful stage of the Adriatic, which has hosted numerous international and domestic stars. Autumn offers you the opportunity to experience it in a completely different way. A panoramic view of the channel of St. Ante, the unique sea entrance to Šibenik, the whole city is an experience not to be missed. There is also a special view from the Barone Fortress, where you can also enjoy educational content. The newly opened St. John's Fortress, in addition to Barone, offers you the possibility of expert guidance through all the historical details, and it is important to note that the entrance to both fortresses is free from November to April.

On the seaside, Šibenik has been guarded for centuries by the St. Nicholas' Fortress, thanks to which the city was never attacked from the sea. The powerful fortress with a triangular floor plan successfully resisted all attacks, and today it is a special tourist attraction. The fortress, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017, is a unique monument of world architectural heritage.


In addition to the impressive fortresses that once served in defense against the Turks, the long and intriguing history of Šibenik will certainly be best experienced by walking through the squares and streets, where a piece of history is revealed to you at every step.

Adrenaline for everyone

After absorbing vitamin D and lounging on the beaches, it's time for some adrenaline and activities in the beautiful nature.

If you are a fan of hiking, cycling or some other type of adrenaline excitement, Šibenik will offer something for everyone. The Ferrata via Čikola  leads to the most beautiful and hidden parts of nature. With professional guidance, you can cross the path in 2 to 3 hours and enjoy incredible views, narrow natural tunnels and unusual rocks of one of the most beautiful canyons in Croatia.

It is located only a twenty-minute drive from the old city center, near Drniš. If you want an even greater adrenaline thrill, don't miss seeing the Čikola canyon from a bird's eye view - through the zipline.

Cycling enthusiasts can choose from several routes, such as those with wine tastings, boat rides or recreational rides to Krka National Park. You can find all the information on the Bike Tours Šibenik page.

The magical Krka, which flows into the Adriatic, attracts tens of thousands of tourists to the Krka National Park, and visiting it in autumn is a special experience. Then the variety of autumn colors is revealed, along with the soothing murmur of the river and special sunsets from several viewpoints.


Pearls of the sea

If you want to visit the islands, the Šibenik area has 242 of them. Crystal clear sea, untouched nature, places to rest the body and soul and firm traditions make our islands one of the most special in the area.

The first and the closest is Krapanj. The smallest and lowest inhabited island of the Mediterranean, Krapanj is also specific because of the widespread areas of sponges and corals. The island with a centuries-old tradition of diving, sponge-growing and fishing is only 300 meters from the mainland, and you can easily get lost in the characteristic stone streets. Be sure to visit the monastery of St. Križ, because museum's numerus artifacts will bring a touch of past times and bear witness to the life of the island in past times.

Picturesque Zlarin is two kilometers from the mainland, and has a little less than 300 permanent residents. It is the first island without plastic, with clear sea, Mediterranean plants and special corals. The extraction and processing of coral is the most recognizable activity of this Adriatic pearl, which the locals have been engaged in for hundreds of years, and since June of this year, there has also been the Croatian Coral Center Zlarin, which fully completed the traditional story of coral farming.

Kaprije, an island located in the center of the Šibenik archipelago, got its name from the Mediterranean caper plant whose buds are used as a spice. In the 15th centurie, island Kaprije belonged to Šibenik's noble families, and later,  until the end of the 17th century it was a shelter for refugees from the mainland in the midst of Turkish dangers. The island is full of rich olive groves, vines and capers.


Prvić is the closest  and Žirje is the furthest from the mainland. However, regardless of which island you decide to visit, you won't go wrong because each one has a lot to offer you.


Kornati is the largest island of the group of islands that makes the National Park Kornati. The archipelago is a real paradise for sailors, divers and all people who want to have a vacation without a mobile signal. Kornati and the surrounding islands can be reached by boat or organized by travel agencies.

Local gastronomy

The people of Šibenik are true masters in preparing food, but also in enjoying authentic dishes. Authentic taverns, modern restaurants, Mediterranean cuisine and delicious burgers will satisfy even the pickiest palates.


Most of Šibenik's restaurants and taverns choose seasonal ingredients from domestic farms and gardens, and often the owners themselves grow their products. It is also important to point out that the Pelegrini restaurant in Šibenik is included among only a few Croatian restaurants with a Michelin star, which it received in 2018.. There you can enjoy innovative and delicious dishes with a view of another beauty on the UNESCO list, the Cathedral of St. James.

Don't hesitate, because Šibenik is waiting for you.



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