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Zablaće is a settlement located on the coast 9 km from the nearby hotel settlement. In documents that date back to 1432 it was mentioned as a place where Šibenik inhabitants used salt water plants. The Ottomans burned the settlement twice, in 1510 and in 1537. As a result, in 1646 the salt water plants stopped working.
Today, only the names of earlier salt water plants exist: Velika jezera (large lakes) and Mala solina (small salt pan) or Blato (according to expert medical analysis it is beneficial for healing rheumatism), Mala Solana (a small salt water plant) or Jezero (Lake) (connected with the sea by a channed). St. John’s Chapel (1837) was built on a very beautiful position by the sea.
Later, the inhabitants started to cultivate grapes, olives and occupy themselves with cattle breading and fishing.