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Krka NP
You will enjoy walking on bridges that follow the formation of the cascades, as well as in the richness of the world of flora and fauna ...

Kornati NP
The Kornati are the most densely positioned group of islands on the Adriatic with tiny fields, a hidden oasis of crown pine and olive trees, quiet and protected bays that offer the visitor pleasant peacefulness and a stay away from noise and civilisation…

Paklenica NP
The entrance, to the canyon parts of Mala (Small) and Velika (Big) Paklenica are one of the main phenomenon due to their geological, hydrological, limestone, flora and fauna features…

Plitvice Lakes NP
The richness of the geomorphological  shapes, the forest and grassland habitats, the flora and fauna as well as the cultural heritage and tourist offer of the largest and oldest Croatian National Park… (photo: Plitvice Lakes NP’s archive)

Velebit Natural Landscape
Velebit is the largest Croatian mountain covering 2274 km2. It is spread in a slightly inclined arch, from north-west to south-east, between the Vratnik pass and Zrmanja Valley and is 145 km long...

Vrana Lake Natural Landscape
One of the rare, almost untouched natural habitats of waterfowl, with rare springs of fresh water and an area of peculiar features and bio variety…

Dalmati Etno Village
Encounter the customs, traditions, way of life and places to go in this area which make this park unique…

Šibenik Islands 
Šibenik islands, places of gentle bays and clean sea, are a place of true beauty and untouched silence. Islands of olive and grape wine cultivators, seamen and fishermen who even today preserve a traditional way of living.  Kaprije’s wooden gajetas (traditional fishing boats), Zlarin's coral jewellery and Žirje’s stone binje (stone houses in the middle of fields used as a shelter by shepherds and sheep) are symbols of man’s harmonious life with nature. Since the renaissance period, these islands have attracted visitors searching for relaxation and peace away from speedy life styles with a rural atmosphere.
The islands can be reached with the regular ferry boat line from Šibenik ( or by the "Noa" taxi boat (098 668 500).

Falcon Centre
A unique place where visitors can encounter the secret life of the sky hunters – falcons.

Skradin is simply magical in every detail. The loud silence of the morning that simply enters your skin or the stentorian klapa song that directly enters your heart…


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