Amazing boat tour of the Šibenik bay

  12.07.2019, 14:19h


A ship that connects the Mandalina peninsula, Šibenik waterfront near the bus station and near the cannons and Martinska beach has become an inevitable mean of transport!

This pilot project of the City of Šibenik that offers boat connection between important points of interest in the Šibenik Bay: Mandalina, Šibenik waterfront near the bus station and cannons and Martinska, was welcomed by Šibenik citizens and proved to be an excellent addition to the current tourist offer in the city.

Following the feedback of this alternative transport's users, and taking into account primarily their interests, from Tuesday July 16th boat tour has a new schedule that starts at 8 am from the bus station towards Mandalina, then to Šibenik waterfront near the cannons and finally to Martinska. Afterwards it takes the same route back. You can see the detailed timetable here:

The ticket price is symbolic - 10 kunas, and it can be bought on board.

The boat 'Avalon' has a capacity of up to 40 seats, and passengers can also buy refreshing drinks on-board to keep cool in summer heat.

Upon completion of the pilot project, a report will be issues on the activities carried out, which will determine the demand for such a type of transport in the city area, while this project will be implemented until September 2nd, 2019.


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