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Zaton is a typical Dalmatian settlement located in the north-western part of Šibenik Bay, 10 km from Šibenik, at 43° 47’ N i 15° 49’ E. Surrounded by hills, it is constructed with old and new stone houses, it appeared on the very edge of the Bay of the same name, in the channel that connects the salty Prokljan Lake with Šibenik Bay.
The Bay is surrounded by the Rastovac (133 m), Križeva glava (102 m) and Glavica (147 m) hills. The economy is based on agriculture, fishing and tourism. According to the 2011 census, it has 1197 inhabitants. It is on the regional road.
Zaton can easily be reached from the sea. The sea is calm here and never shows its anger; it does not hit the shore, it does not foam or threaten the small boats and houses located close to the shore. Compared to the shore and sea of the nearby islands, several sources flow along the Zaton coast. The salinity of the sea itself can only be felt close to the lighthouse at Jadrija, on the relatively wide entrance to the St. Anthony Channel or at its exit, depending on which way you sail. When, after passing the winding strait and, in some parts steep, almost vertical shore carved by the Krka River, you will see an image of Šibenik in front of you. To reach Zaton you will have to point your boat left, precisely towards the slender arch of Šibenik Bridge which, in the late 1960s, connected the steep canyon-like shores and the road erased the lively boat traffic that connected Zaton with Šibenik forever.

When a passenger finds himself on the shore, his view should move up along the hills, he should see the red roofs and green tree crowns. There are long footpaths by the sea where you can take pleasant walks both during the summer and the winter and reflect the peace and harmony of this Dalmatian village. It is a beautiful promenade by the sea that extends for around three kilometres, from Dobri dolac to the Šarina draga inlet. Fertile fields, gardens, vineyards, olive groves and fig plantations can be found in Zaton’s nearby hinterland, whilst the small local and fish markets on the shore are always full of home fruits and homemade eco-products made in an exceptional way with special effort.

You will immediately notice the clean streets and well organised green areas, decorated with traditional baskets made from St. Lucie Cherry branches in which flowers are planted. Zaton is an ideal place for holiday, recreation too as well as for excursions. Due to its extremely beneficial natural conditions, in order to offer Mediterranean Sport Games, a quality rowing track with accompanying facilities has been set up in Zaton. The track today is used by numerous national teams for training purposes.