Town of Festivals

Šibenik's tradition of festivals is more than a half century long. It began with the foundation of the former Yugoslavian Children's Festival, known today throughout the world as the International Children's Festival. The Children's Festival is the reason the town of Krešimir has become the centre of the world for children between July and August for 52 years already. However, Šibenik experienced festival renaissance in 2011, when the first big open air festival, Terraneo, took place in the area of the former Bribirski knezovi barracks. Seven stages, 120 artists and 45 thousand visitors was the review of this year's festival's second edition which, already after its first year, put Šibenik on the European map of top summer destinations.
Terraneo initiated the positive trend of organizing festivals, and taken by that enthusiasm Šibenik has been host to other new festivals due to which the town, in combination with the old, regular events, rightfully carries the epithet – town of festivals.
Amongst the Šibenik festivals, the classic ones are certainly the Golden Microphone Children's Festival of Song and Dance. Some of the traditional music events are also the Musica appassionata Classical Music Festival, the six years old OFF blues&jazz Festival that offered its public best performances of some of the international stars, as well as the Summer Organ School. At the end of August, the Dalmatian Chanson Festival takes place on the most beautiful renaissance square of the Krešimir's town. This fifteen year old festival celebrates national musicians and cherishes musical expression on the crossroads from Italian canzona and French chanson. Its coeval, although without similarities with regard to genre, is the Martin Feast, the so called underground festival that is extremely famous among young Europeans who visit it on a regularly basis. Since that summer, another festival has been taking place at Martinska, in front of Šibenik. It is, as many people call it, the most danced festival in Croatia - the Skavillage Festival. Under the slogan 'dance the ska', festival brought together eight hundred visitors over just two days of the main programme. The end of August, however, does not necessarily mean the end of fun for Šibenik and its surrounding areas. September plays host to another two young festivals, both taking place for the second time in 2012. The first is the Treća smjena (Third Shift) Festival in Ražine which offers something for everyone and it is enhanced by the Mediterranean touch – sea, pine tree forests, stone bars and a stage. It is also considered the cheapest one. Besides the Third Shift, in September there is also the Regius, a regional culture and music festival that takes place in Jadrija, close to Šibenik, which offers a music programme where the finest bands from the Balkans perform. It should also be mentioned that Jadrija has been hosting the electronic dance music festival – the Sweet Sound of Summer for five years now. Finally, to this festival package we should also add the Medieval Fair in Šibenik when the town lives three days with the spirit of its golden period. The interesting fact is that almost all festivals taking place in the area of Šibenik and its surrounding areas have the prefix – international.

Dear visitors,

as a representative of the Town of Šibenik Tourist Board I would like to wish you a pleasant and eventful stay. Our idea is very simple: to turn your arrival into your own small festival. We would like to satisfy every moment spent in Šibenik with various activities, music, gastronomic offers and beverages, excursions, dance, shows, walking, sightseeing, beauty and of course, a warm welcome. We have been cherishing the culture of organizing festivals in our town for many years and this year we have raised this feature to an even higher level. Our festival programme includes something for everyone's taste: dance, music, culture, selling, eco, etno...festivals. This is certainly the best invitation. If you decide to come, besides the listed activities, we will introduce you to the incredible beauty of the first Croatian royal town, its four fortresses, unique cathedral, two national parks, the magical Kalelarga, beach with the most beautiful view in the world, the tastes and aromas of the best restaurants, a rich history and heritage,... Discover our town this year and do not forget: those who come here once – always comes back.

Dino Karađole
Šibenik Tourist Board Director