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Raslina was mentioned in 1463 under the name of „Prukljan“(villa Proclan) after the bay in which it lies, 14 km from Šibenik. It was mentioned as Kaštel (Castle) Raslina in 1515, when it had strong walls and towers.
The old Kaštel Raslina was under Ottoman rule until 1576 and was completely destroyed. The very old Chapel of St. Michael (sv. Mihovil) was mentioned in 1457, although it was built much earlier.
Not far from Raslina the walls of the submerged castle can be seen in the water. There are still many legends about it, and it is popularly known as „Gavanovi dvori“. When the tide goes out it is possible to walk for more than a kilometer along the stone wall of the submerged castle and reach the islet of Stipanac (sv. Stjepan).