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Croatian Travel Festival

is organized since 2012 by Croatian Travel Club in Šibenik,which gathers all travel lovers and those that want to travel.The goal is to show people all different ways how to travel,to develop knowledge about good sides of traveling.That way even non-travelers can learn that everyone can travel.The concept of the festival is to learn and have fun through lectures with our famous travelers,tasting good food and drinks,concerts,international dance in three days Šibenik becomes a place where we travel the world in a very fun and unique way.So come to Šibenik to travel with us!


The Festival of Alternative Leftists (FALIŠ) is a three-day event that is held at the end of September in the old city center. It calls on intellectual, civil and social awareness to rise up, all in the name of the noble goal of social justice and equality. In addition to many Croatian writers, intellectuals, critics and activists, the event also draws prominent foreign personalities.