City guard filmed historical films about battles in Šibenik as well as about the plague...

Šibenik City Guard shoot three historical videos in which a battle with Venetians in 1378, state in the town after the plague devastation in 1649 and the story about the most famous town humanists Antun and Faust Vrančić, Horacije Fortezza, Jurjaj Šižgorić, Božo Bonifačić were staged…Historical films and videos of the sea battle and the battle for the fortress from the last year's Medieval Fair in Šibenik will be available to tourists on their smartphones.

Virtual Juraj Dalmatinac will guide tourists through the Cathedral

The project of the virtual guide entitled "Juraj Dalmatinac" has been presented to Šibenik citizens and tourists who are currently staying in Šibenik and found themselves in front of the Cathedral today. It is the project carried out by the Šibenik Tourist Board and the Department for Economy, Development and Entrepreneurship of the town of Šibenik which made Šibenik the first in Europe having a virtual time machine. The Ministry of Tourism awarded this innovative guide project with 80,000 kunas whilst the Tourist Board participated with a bit less than 20,000 kunas.

"Šibenik Waves" Festival and the 13th Šibenik Cruiser Regatta

Every year, to celebrate the St. Nicholas holiday, the Val Sailing Club organizes the Šibenik Regatta – a three day event dedicated to the sea, sailors and boats. The event will take place from Friday, 30th November until Sunday, 2nd December 2012.
The general sponsor of this event is the city of Šibenik enriching the town's cultural and tourist offer.
The Šibenik Regatta takes place in the port of Šibenik's waters and guests can have a good view of it seen from the waterfront or maybe from some of Šibenik's fortresses. This is precisely what makes it so different and interesting. The competition consists of a number of sailing boats contesting in a small and undisturbed area like the port of Šibenik, sailing up and down the current created by the Krka River mouth, practically "at an arm's reach" for spectators from the waterfront who contribute to the attractiveness of the competition and select this regatta as one of the most special and favoured amongst sailors.
The image of regatta sails against the backdrop of our white stone town thrills all those lucky people who have the chance of witnessing it. It is the motif of numerous successful photographs and postcards that have been sent around the world. The regatta regularly attracts more than 50 crews and over 400 sailors from throughout Croatia and abroad.

The famous Banj Beach

Valuable recognition came to Šibenik from neighbouring Italy where one of the most widely read Italian daily newspapers, "La Repubblica", listed it amongst the 10 cities worth visiting. The newspaper published an article "Life in the heart of the city" promoting the IN cities as in them, besides monuments and sightseeing, tourists can also enjoy additional entertainment contents. Thanks to its Banj beach, Šibenik has deserved its place amongst cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Graz, Brussels, Florence, Prague and Zurich.

Cycling Map of Šibenik and its surroundings

The City of Šibenik Tourist Board has published a cycling map of "Šibenik and its surroundings" which presents 5 cycling trails, a total of 140 kilometres leading through numerous historical and natural beauties. The trails marked on the map have various levels of difficulty and are mostly tarmac roads and partly asphalt too. The map represents a combination of trails, from easy, family-friendly, through classic cross country (Šubićevac trail in the city centre) to very demanding and attractive mountain cycling trails. The map has been published in 5,000 copies and is available at the City of Šibenik Tourist Board's offices.

The drawing of the mountain and road maps has been designed by Darko and Ivan Štefanec and used photographs taken by Željko Krnčević, Duško Jaramaz, Toni Erceg as well as those from the Tourist Board's archive. Stef d.o.o. produced the map and the design and organisation was done by Merla d.o.o.

Šibenik City Museum’s permanent exhibition

To celebrate Town Day and the St. Michael's holiday on 28.09.2012, the Šibenik City Museum's permanent exhibition designed by architect Vinko Peračić was open to the public. It represents Šibenik's rich history in a sophisticated and modern way.

The permanent exhibition is currently spread over two floors of the Museum, whilst the third, which will present the long period of Venetian rule in Šibenik after which city life began, is still under construction. Šibenik Museum experts took part in its creation and 8 million kunas have already been spent, which were mainly provided by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Šibenik. Visits to the new permanent exhibition will be free of charge in the upcoming months.