Category: Cultural heritage


Šibenik is well known for its long tradition of klapa singing. Traditional klapa singing dates back to the late medieval era, from the time of ancient Dalmatian brotherhoods. Already in 1487, Juraj Šižgorić, a famous humanist from Šibenik, with his work "De situ Illyriae et civitate Sibenici", described his first impressions of the singing of folk singers. He also mentioned singing songs of mourning, which proves that women's singing along our coast was widespread. Songs came about parallel with the existence of folk poems as a reflection of the way of life.
There are many active klapas in the wider Šibenik area: klapa Maslina, klapa Fortica, klapa More, klapa Canzona, klapa Romansa, klapa Brodarica, klapa Bunari, klapa Mirakul, klapa Rećina, klapa Skradinke, klapa Bile vile, klapa Oršulice and klapa Mela.
Today, Šibenik klapa singing represents part of the cultural identity of our area, forming musical tastes and helps to keep the traditional values.