The sea of Croatia is the second in Europe with regard to quality

According to results taken from the European Commission and European Environment Agency devoted to the cleanliness and quality of European waters' report, the sea of Croatia is the second in Europe with regard to quality, just behind the Cyprus Sea. Recent research has proved that the Croatian sea satisfies 97.8 per cent of the strictest criteria used for analysing quality, where over 90 percent of Croatian beaches were evaluated as being of excellent quality. Based on the European Environment Agency's results, Croatia, which has traditionally been known for its clean sea and preserved and well equipped beaches, amongst which, over a hundred of them are marked by a Blue Flag, officially became part of the world's top destinations with regard to the quality of its waters. According to this research, coming in third with regards to sea quality in Europe is Slovenia, followed by Malta and Greece, whilst the seas of the major Mediterranean tourist powers, Spain and Italy, satisfied only 84, that is, 83 percent of the quality criteria. It should also be noted that the French sea satisfied only 65.1 percent of the total criteria. This kind of research of the sea's quality has been carried out by the European Environment Agency since 1990 and includes European Union member countries. Evaluation of Croatia's sea began in 2009.

Besides the European Environment Agency's research and thanks to the long standing and successful collaboration of the Croatian Tourist Board with the ADAC, the largest German and second largest world automobile club, communications with regard to the quality of Croatian sea have been part of Croatian tourism promotion throughout the world for a long time. In fact, back in 2001 the Croatian Tourist Board signed, as part of the ADAC-Sommerservice project, an Agreement evaluating sea cleanliness. The excellent results of the Croatian Adriatic's cleanliness have been published in the ADAC's printed and electronic publications.

It is worth mentioning that since 1989 in the Republic of Croatia systematic analysis of the sea quality has been carried out on the area of seven coastal counties. This year, for the first time, the report has at last been fully completed with data regarding the quality of land bathing waters.